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Who We Are

For years, Mark Swalko has developed a loyal Yellow Pages clientele throughout the western United States.  He’s helped hundreds of hard-working business people to achieve their goals by using the most effective advertising medium in history for local businesses.  Mark is successful because he respects and cares for his clients and considers it his duty to do what’s best for them.


Mark came to realize that local residents and businesses would benefit even more if a directory publisher’s expenses and profits were spent in the local community, instead of going to out-of-state and foreign suppliers, employees and investors.  Mark envisioned a truly local Yellow Pages directory, with local employees, printers and suppliers, all living and working and spending their paychecks in their local communities.


My Little Phonebook became a reality in 2003.  Working from his home office in Seaside, Oregon, Mark and his crew began developing the phone directory that has become #1 in the market in just five years. Growing an average of 32% each year, as other directories have shrunk*, My Little Phonebook is now acknowledged as the most used Yellow Page directory in the market area.**


*For example, the 2008 Dex Directory added over 200 “fillers” in one year, compared to their 2007 directory, and has lost over 80 pages of ad space since the inception of My Little Phonebook.

**Source:  Northwest Phone Center